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Dekayleb gives an independent, expert perspective on the key issues affecting customer experience.

Dekayleb Data Solutions is a data analysis company focused on providing businesses with actionable insights derived from their data. Our mission is to help organizations make informed decisions, optimize processes, and drive growth through data-driven strategies. 

Using market research strategies to improve organisation goals. Dekayleb gives an independent, expert perspective on the key issues affecting customer experience. We help you understand the evolving customer environment, highlight the characteristics of excellent service, measure and benchmark your customer satisfaction, with practical insight and recommendations to improve.


To become a leading player in the data analysis industry, known for our expertise in turning raw data into valuable insights that drive business success.


Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, and Client-Centric Approach

Randolph Kuffour is an experienced Data analyst and facilitator with over 20 years experience, He has worked with various multinational companies in different parts of the world including, Info pro digital (UK), Swan Housing Development (UK), Ford of Britain (UK),Shell Lubricants (Trinidad & Tobago), Lambeth Council (UK), Honeywell (Prague) CroydonCouncil (UK), Brent Council (UK).

Randolph has trained different staff in organisations on various databases and topics to do with Data applications and data legislation. Training staff as super users on new databases and software from previous organisations.
Randolph has also embarked on different Market Research analysis projects for different organisations in various sectors including, Housing, Healthcare, Hospitality. He was also a public speaker for various councils in the UK, speaking to young people and impacting their lives away from crimes, drugs and empowering them to educate themselves and to become an example to their neighbourhoods. Randolph has a degree in Information Technology and majoring in Data and Business Analysis from Kingston University in London



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